Tuesday, September 27, 2011

communication studies (most valueble)

Diamonds are very valuable in this world. It’s very expensive and beautiful, everyone hope to get it because they can sell it and become a billionaire. But, if you give me a diamond, I’m sorry but I would say: ‘’No!’’ because the most valuable in my life is my family. They are the people who are really important and priceless to me. I can’t sell them to anybody although they gave me unlimited price. 

Pearls are very valuable and expensive too. It can be sold with a higher price and it beautiful. Most of the women like to wear pearl jewellery, because it can make they look noble. But for me, my family are more expensive than pearls, they are the most beautiful people in my life and they make me feel I’m beautiful in their life. My life filled with my family.

How to say that family is important in my life? Because, my parents gave me a life to this world. They let me feel and watch how was the world can be beautiful and cruel in the same time. And I get to feel how was happy and sad. When I was happy I will share the happiness with my family, so they will feel the same way I do. When I was sad I will share it to my family too. Family are my good listener ever, they will comfort you when you feel sad. My sisters and brothers take good care of me. I love them very much. We are in a good relationship, I like to be with them. We are happy when we are together. Especially my lovely two sisters, we respect and treasure each other.

Last, my family is my everything. They are the most valuable people in my life. No one or anything can replace or take them away from me.

communication class ideal room

Although we already have a sweet home and a sweet bed room but everyone must have their own ideal room, I’m on the same boat too.

Having my own ideal room is one of my dreams. I started to imagine my ideal room when I was young, I hope that I will have a pink bed room, but now I have a new idea for my ideal room. Its likes a princess room, which was most of the girls’ ideal room, but was not in pink colour again….

Inside my ideal room will have a double bed because I hope I can sleep comfortably. It will be in black and white colour. And I would like to have a big dressing room in there so I can put all my dresses, bags, accessories and easy for me to look. The most I hope is to have a big shoe rack.  It was like I have a small shoe shop inside my room where I can put all my beautiful high heels, sneakers can search them easily. This because I’m a girl and girls like to be beautiful.

In the other hand, I hope to have a white big desk, which I need the most to become a designer, so I can done my work easily and more comfortable. I hope I can have a white queen chair to match my desk, which can let me sit the whole day on it and still can make me feel comfortable.

Inside my ideal room I would like to have a big toilet. I dream that will have a bath tub, so I can take bath and do spa anytime I want. Mirror is very important to every girl, so I hope that I can have a big mirror.

Interior design will explain the room outlook; I hope my wall will designed with some beautiful piano and music instruments. And I would like to have a big window, so I can look outside, and enjoy the beautiful view. Lastly, my ideal room will have a balcony filled with beautiful customised-garden, so when I feel stress, I can have a tea break and relax while watching the beautiful flowers.

This was my ideal room, and I hope that it will be real.


Monday, September 26, 2011


sali got smurft shirt at forever 21...
i want it so badly!!!!!
they are so adorable...don't you think so???
smurf you sali!!!!!!

while i dint have smurf so i wore twinkle bell ~~

work hard!!

 communication studies frist assignment..
the best holiday i've ever had...
 i drew it....^^

 analytical study assignment...

the original which the lecturer gave me....
drawing and shading by gabby
how was it???
is it nice???

erm..actually i'm statiesfy with it...
i almost use 1day+ to done it...
and thank you god..i'm signed it up on time...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


watch movie at alamanda yesterday (which is the most nearest mall form limkokwing) with anna , aisyah , alyaa n mimi.....alyaa fetch yoohu!!!
wat movie i watched???...hehehe
hot guys-taylor lautner ABDUCTION
so nice~~!!best
had 1 part he likes jakie chan~seriouslly....


 aisyah & alyaa(driver girl)

hapi to watch movie...n too bad i lost my hp inside the cinema...
thanl you anna fetch me bac to the cinema n search it...
the servant inside the cinema said that they failed to search my hp in there...
ask me to left hp number to them, they will contact me when they get to search it....
then i think....boooshit....sure you will nt call me whn u got it...u will take it masuk pocket u n that be urs....
 u tought me stupid!!!dosa u if u do that....smurfker!!!!!

life drawing class assignment

1st day lesson....draw this nonsense...because i still don't have any technique on it..
second assignment...we started learn contour drawing....this was my result

skip the third assignment..there just a simple box but it use my whole class time to draw a box?!
the reason was we have to measure and draw it without using ruler with this pencils...

forth assignment perpestive...
if u had read my blog than you will know how messy i was in that day...
here the final result....

last assignment...which i'm like the most..colour value...
remember that i was late to class almost 1hour half that day...
thank you esha to be my lecturer that day~~

i had pass up all my assignment on time...thanks god...

now the final project coming up...
we start busy taking photo the historical building in Kuala Lumpur...
actually i had some photo about the outing..
but too bad...the photo was all inside my phone..
and i lost it..damn it...my swt outing...T.T

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

outing & grace birthday

after class while waiting
outfit of that day
photo time...
nasib baik i dah siap...hehe

all of us...

cute izza n esha 

back to hostel...
something happen with that day...
but, sorry grace the cake......

was melting..
that what baskin robin ice cream cake will be...

ME again!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

communication studies(essay)

The best holiday I had was to Cameron Highland with my beloved family last April. Cameron Highland is Malaysia's largest and best-known for their hill resorts. The weather there was cool and fresh, that is the reason my family members decided to have a relaxing holiday there. I’m willing to wake up early in the morning to prepare and wait for the van that we had booked for this trip. Around 15 minutes, the van arrived, we started to put our luggage into the van-which we done packed last night, and started our journey at 5 a.m. and I continued with my sweet dreams. Before we reached Cameron, we were hungry so we decided to have our breakfast at Ipoh. After having our delicious breakfast, we continued to our destination. We reached there almost 12 p.m. but we still can feel the cool breeze blowing to our faces and it was so relaxing. The first location that we stopped was at Boh Tea Plantation which is a must-visit when you are in Cameron Highland. We had our tea break with the nice view there; the tea was so nice and yummy. So, we decided to buy some of the tea back home. And we took lots of pictures there, because the view was so natural and nice. Not only that, we saw a newly-married couple had their photo shoots there too. The next location was at the Strawberries Farm; this was my good experience that I can pick up my own strawberries and try each of them. I had tried some strawberry ice-cream and tea, they are so delicious. In addition, we went to buy some organic vegetables, we can even picked our own vegetables too. At night, we went to the nearest vegetable steamboat shop to had our dinner. Next morning, we went to the morning market and get some fresh vegetables and fruits. After done shopping, we went home with a great satisfied moods.

Monday, September 12, 2011

great job!

what i'm doing today??
lets picture show u what i did today~~

this time organic..

good experiece~~
went to my friend room to help her apply make up as a black swan for her assignment..


thank you Michelle Phan!!!!! to make this awsome tutorial...

 this video really help us alots...
i'm statiesfied with this 1st tried~~~^^
thank you kaixin let me hav this great chance for me...