Saturday, October 13, 2012

Assignment DONE!!!!

hello hello there~~~~~~~
this is my semester 3 patern drating assignment...
and im done!!!!

ok..i knw this fabric not very nice with this looks..
looked like pajamas pant?!

but this cotton fabric doesnt cheap T.T

 third assignment
lady pants

thank you alyaa for helping to take thoes photo...

ZoBLANCHE owner photoshotting

this post was about my babe having a photo-shoot
she was helping my friend which from hair design academy(lim kok wing university) to be her model..

make up
skinny make-up lecturer & beautiful model

hair maker~

peep..the lecturer was checking..

this is after she had done the make..

so sad that i din gt the final picture..bcz i was inside the class... is the beautiful taiwan meimei~~