Saturday, October 13, 2012

Assignment DONE!!!!

hello hello there~~~~~~~
this is my semester 3 patern drating assignment...
and im done!!!!

ok..i knw this fabric not very nice with this looks..
looked like pajamas pant?!

but this cotton fabric doesnt cheap T.T

 third assignment
lady pants

thank you alyaa for helping to take thoes photo...

ZoBLANCHE owner photoshotting

this post was about my babe having a photo-shoot
she was helping my friend which from hair design academy(lim kok wing university) to be her model..

make up
skinny make-up lecturer & beautiful model

hair maker~

peep..the lecturer was checking..

this is after she had done the make..

so sad that i din gt the final picture..bcz i was inside the class... is the beautiful taiwan meimei~~

Friday, August 31, 2012

sem 2 assignment

picture show everything~

figure drawing class..

human figure



fashion design 1

the goddess
wrapping lesson

final project

Chinese culture  

fashion history..

designer profile


final work


1950 s

sign up date

Pattern Drafting class
learn how to sew
merchine sticth

my 1st A-line skirth


Batik design



done and wait to dry

after wash our hands, the colour still stay there :'(

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


what i am going to post frist was~

doesn't they looked awesome???

i am not a professional nail art guru and i had no take any course before,
but i like to colour and play my nails with lots of  colour,
i'm so sorry that just because i am not professional so i had no that confident to help others.

here show you some of my nails art which i done sincerely,

#white #orange #purple - #natural republic

#purple #light purple #white- #natural republic #elainto

#red #orange #yellow #leopard 

i am still a student, so i prefer to buy the cheaper nail polish than i can get plenty of colours to do more design^^

they are not perfect enough,
but i like to say thanks to all my friends who like them.

those are inspiration by #pose..
its really helpfulness apps to let me know more about fashion~

here i am back 2012

aniohaseyo my blog~~!!! seriously its freakin long time i din't upload anything on here~ haha~ but now....


you know..sometime people will lazy to do something or maybe they had tried something news and of coz they will  fgt something old or past~ and yes..i'm describing myself~:3 <<<< this awesome girl had reminded me about my blog..thank you Joyce <3 font="font"> i already semester 3 diploma in fashion & retail design..
i know it's too late that i want to post everything about my project, design, life...etc on semester 2..but i will post it too although its too late..bcz they are my memory..and of coz it will not be the same post~
keep on going~^.*

Friday, January 13, 2012

make up GURU!

nothing special happening today, but i would like to write about something that i  was waiting for a long time (but not too long)  =)
bbom~ a video make by Michelle Phan- "underneath your love"

Teaser Trailer
 this teaser was uploaded by michelle last year oct , 27..
so, that why i said, its so long but not too long~
for me its quite long because i was so excited to see this full story~
and finally, its out~~!!

"Underneath Your Love"

so enjoy this video,
and dont forget to subcribe her, you will not regret~
Youtube :
Check out her website:
her MyGlam:
Follow her on twitter:

I DID!! and you???

Friday, January 6, 2012


It's been a long time that i din't update my blog~ It's gonna been  rusty...hehe
what i wanna said was~
my sister engagement and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
picture tell you everythings~