Thursday, December 30, 2010

genting trip~27-29

have trip to genting that y i dint upload my blog~
while this has been a long post~

siew peng&purple&me&cancan
capture in the bus whn on our way to genting^^

arrive there at 1++pm..
i juz wanna say f**k..what appartment is it?!
how come you can let your customer change here n there?
n y our appartment have no kitchen service?
our big appartment become small appatment?!
what the hell..
this is ur mistake..if ur room really full so u must be upgrade for us but nt down grade..
so how come our appartment has been down grade..
we r ur customer n we hav pay $ too..
you want us wait here n change place..n u knw how heavy our lagguage are?!!!!
ok i m the good person so i dont write the hotel name..
almost 5pm..we make sure our appartment n hav rest..
pretty purple&me♥
(i remember that this pic was capture at the big appartment..101/1..luckly??!!)

oh ya~we having steamboat at there(that y we really nid a kitchen)
but finallt how clever we r...we dint hav kitchen we also can done our steamboat party..
thank you crazy family for prepare it~^^
we hav fun at there..haha lst time we r sit n eat 2gether..
after take a rest..

we out at 9pm..
me&siew peng
me&ah bei♥
me& prettycancan again ♥
r u ready go out with us?♥

take a walk n shop at 1st world...
done our day at Old town kopitiam..

themepark(outdoor & indoor)..
purple & me again
(capture in double deck carousel..we at the 2cd floor..~)
me&pretty ah bei
(both of us very cold~coz we wearing short pants...><)
pretty siew peng&me
(while waiting fren ply pirate ship..we nt dare to ply it...scared blur@.@)

there r full of fog n cold..all of game r closet..
so we take our breakfast at old town again..

after breakfast..continue our outdoor^^
space shot
(1st time for me n ah bei we really scared..but we quite enjoy^^)
nice..thx cancan to intro it^^
n thx siew peng to hlp us capture it^^

after we go to dinasourland..(listen bout dinasour history)
flying dragon..which is the game wait so long long long time...=='

while waiting firieds ply spinner..
capture time for purple&zy&me at berly's chocolate wonderland^^
pretty zy&purple
they smile so nice...
(take by me i really love it♥)
zy..(i ♥ this shot)
best fren forever♥

capture at double deck carousel again~
(zy so swt at this pic♥i love it..take by me)
pretty purple♥ 
me & purple
me & zy♥

lst pic~
laopo family&me&purple
actually quite bor at this time..coz there r many ppl><
the queue quite long..
half hour wait..
2min game=='
we all r tired of waiting..==

most of us
we love this so much♥
(pity camera gal-zy she was regard coz she nt in the pic><)
but thanks out pity gal

bac appartment n take a rest..
we out at 8pm..
i fgt to take shoot><
drink starbuck hot chocolate while waiting time pass..
11pm hav our movie time..
3D gullivers travels..
which is a very funny movie..
most of my friend fall asleep=='
back to appartmeny at 1.++am..

wake up early in the morning 730am to take bath..
after done preapare everything..
capture time..

juin tat(baba) & me
me & ah bei
siew peng & me 
me & purple
(oh~~i love~~~~this♥)
lst shoot me&lovely lao po mun~~♥
...check out time...
shop new clothes at berjaya time suqre&sg wang
bac banting...
hav lunch with friends..

n~our trip done..
3day2night genting..
we all my secondary school classmate
u all r my proud..
nice to meet you all my friends..
hope that we can meet again...♥

Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas & foreign niece birthday

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
did you get your christmas gift??
santa claus where mine??haha
lst...Merry Christmas...~

Happy Birthday Christine

 25 Dec not only is Christmas day there also is my niece birthday..that y she call Christine,who only two years old..such a cute n beauty gal~

                                 a little cake for our little Christine~~

Elease & Christine

take pic~say cheese^^(hey Elease dun so tam jia la~~)

2little gal:mummy dun chiong hei lar...faster cut the cake for us we cnt wait...><

when haven done capture the 2 little girls start steal eat the cake..XXD
they are really funny and cute whn stealing eat the cake...
did they looks adorable???^^they r my little two foreign niece..
if they really look cute & beauty pls click love..

24/12♥ countdown countdown^^

24 dec who will stay at home countdown with nobody?some will but some nt...
of coz i m the person who will nt stay at home celebrate alone hehe^^
hang out with frenz at ICT which is the plc decorate with many beautiful lights.. nice to take pic & of coz we hav too^^
whn arrive there 1st we go through the stalls for asked bout the white christmas hats..asked stall by stall finally we got it~

yeah!picture time^^(coming soon)

many ppl at there..very hot >.<
whn 12am christmas arrive but.......
no firework no celebration...=='
back home at 3am @.@ whao!!!
merry christmas..

Thursday, December 23, 2010


when i say december..what is the 1st things will appear in you minded??
for me...of coz is CHRISTMAS♥^^..which is the most favorite festival for me..hehe


2morow celebrate with my dear friends~quite nice ^^
at least i m nt alone stay at house do nothing..XD
(i very excited about this...)

when i m think about christmas..i will think about candy canes~~yipiii~
                                ♥my fav candy red n white..yummy^^

while if you think i m still kid is ok..cause i really lov it♥~~everytime whn i saw it i will bought to myself hehe(not only 1^^is a lots) r you thinking i m boh geh?XD of coz not~~

happy christmas eve!!!^^

Monday, December 20, 2010

oh yeah!!!!

last day last day!!!!
what is the last day for?????
hahaXXD i m the spm student this year..n now i done my spm life~
come on let say"HURRAY!!!"
let have fun in my life...
christmas is around the corner...hmmm~wat is the planning for my christmas?(still thinking)but i hope i have a wonderfull christmas after my spm life..i love christmas so much

27/12 hav a trip to genting wit my classmatemayb will be last meet to them...5 jujur is the wonderfull class for me..
30/12 hav a trip to PD!yeh!with my cousin n aunt...
let hav fun hav fun of it!!!!

what is the plan come by???
enjoy life

Thursday, December 16, 2010




Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shoe Design Specifications - Shoes of Prey

oh guys do you belive that you can hav ur own shoe??
design the shoe through internet n u can get it...pretty cool~
c this video for more detail...enjoy it^^
( is the webside~

here is my design^^
Shoe Design Specifications - Shoes of Prey

Friday, December 10, 2010

happy day~^^

1st~tay tay!!!happy birthday!!!!!

yesterday i got sock?!peggy was finding me out to celebrate ah tay birth at JJ~
i was so excited coz i dint prepare anything~><
n she tell me ah tay wanna find me out for a long time..i miss them too><
so i ponteng cn class n go with them^^ come n fetch me..zhun zhun~with yong jing n alvin~thn we went jia yi house wait ah tay came..i was hided inside the house whn ah tay arrive..hehe
we wanna giv her a big surprise..n the surprise was~~~~~tadah!!!!me=='(pretty cool ha~)
nxt~is the journey to JJ~~!
on the jouney~oh god?! peggy u really pua geh dint change..ah tay u too XXD
they really nuts..oh god~now i knw hav some1 nuter thn me=='really really nuts..
however they r happy tis is most important in our life n their life^^i was happy too~

take breakfast at old town~
cute=='nxt time i wont call steam rice again...forever!!!arghh~
pls can u put that 20minute bigger???i was wait long time n thank you jia yi n yong jing coz they company me to wait my steam rice came...n not tasty too blak..i only ate half of them because i feel full while whn i m waiting~
movie time~rapunzel..awch~we were late..but the movie is so nice~aspecially the horse-maximus^^haha it is so cute..i love it so much
after watching~n of coz we r sing k..lalala~~~
did i sing really no sound or u all really pua geh??hahahahaXXD
after singing movie time again!!haha lelio popo~
it's funny too..n touching~55 wanna cry~~T.T haha38=='
oh! i searching some pretty high heel but no mm~so i bought something at bodayshop...yeah~i love shop if dint bought something i feel sorry to myself?!i cnt stop westing i~><

left JJ~
ah tay want eat steam boat~~
so we go on our journey to jenjarom!my home town XD
eating time~yummy(ps:alvin din't eat steam boat...swt==')
oh!n they all dint get plkn only alvin=='n he go there at jan..pity me T.T i want jan too~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(shi hui ah..becarefull ooo dont do it again...i watching liveXD)
n thn of coz back home~~
ah tay i will always join you all k?i promise^^

(wondearful n good memory for me...i love today♥ thank my old friends i love you all..i feel lucky was i meet you all~)