Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frist try

necklace - Vincci accessories
basic short inner - Mango
short - Kitschen
black net shirt - which bought from my friend shop..but she haven fix her company name yet...i will write as soon as she got the logo~

esprit black watch

short boots - bought from Hong Kong 

sun glass - Ellui accessories <3 p="">
make up of the day~

this was my first time taking photo with posting...i usually do this because i am short and got no good body shape..but i am still want to share my fashion education to everyone..
i just want to make a simple and nice look..actually this shirt was very big for me but i just like it, it was so i want make it to look simple so i just add little of accessories...
hope you guys like it....

just ignore my short and fat leg,,,stay tune~