Tuesday, August 23, 2011

3rd week-design class

our lecturer absent today~
zetty also absent today...girl..nak jaga sendiri baek2 taw?take care!!!!

today class replace by others lecturer...the lecturer talking like..=='
i'm nt so understand what he talking about...his lik talking to himslef..n walk here walk there...
my friends oso like...@0@???????
texture~yes a new work today~
i dint take any photo today...thankz to my hong kong classmate explain to us~

show u the lst week work~
creative studies for 2morow~
we hav to combine two things into 1...
 bee+shoe(i likes that heels)>.<
comment???!! 2 word...likes kids!!=='

shop shop shop!!!

front short and back was long~i found it for long time~♥.
this was the dress that i bought at limkokwing today..
huh...freakin happy..its so special..n cheap..its only 39bar...
curious??limkokwing have boutique??!!
no~~~actually they sell clothes on internet..
they hav lots of nice clothes..u can check it out from here ...

3rd weeks-anlaytical n life drawing class

analtical drawing class...
3 point perspective~
 so cool~~!it can actually show a bulding out~
can imagine that?
not yet done...
will post it whn i'm done >.*

replace class-life drawing...which a intresting class..

it was raining cats and dog outside the classroom..(it's the bst time to let us hide inside the bed)
we all still head to the classroom,,
in chinese we call that:chicken drop into the soup~
we damn tired after the morning class...

lets photo show you..what we do inside the class..
 ??!!!why my pencil become like this?
i felt sorry for my pencil...i have no idea...we need you in class>.<

let show you the two cute girls,who same class with me..
 remember her??i was mention her inside my blog before..
oh yest~http://itsizzyriffic.blogspot.com/his is her new blog..she join blog after reading my blog..haha..follow her^^

i have mention her before too~
which a cute~her blog..i just wanna say that sorry..she already forget her link..=='

 zetty was so seriously drawing straight line...
be pation girl...u can do it...
sir nazim always said that pratice n pratice sure u can make it better...
 she this lazy girl..sir said sit boday straight,hand staright,concentrate,,,
taadaa~~!this is my straight line..
sorry that my camera cnt take it clearly....
i'm nt really statisfied with it..i knw i can do it better...

not this all...actually we hav draw a box using measure technique..
sorry that i forgot to take photo of it..>.<
but that simple box already make us feel like nuts...
just simple rectangle..almost take our 2 or 3 hour time to measre n draw it...
mine box sir said:almost correct but u hav correct it little bit..not bad..hehe XD

Monday, August 22, 2011


new blog addr~gabriella.g


did every1 knw this pretty china girl?
she was the 1 who sang-nothing on you by Bruno Mars ft B.O.B get 6million views on youtube..
if u hav no idea with her...let check this out~

which a nice sound...
and she hav planty of song show at youtube too~
you can check it out on youtube~^^or subscribe her-afuuu666
i love her sound so much~its so relax whn listen her song~
oh n yes~she juz came to malaysia before...
and she become a singer nw~

this was her 1sr album~
belive me..really nice~
but sorry bout that if u dun understand chinese...u can close n listen to her song n her sound...
her sound like wind~freakin nice~

this is her 1st debut song~(原来如此)
i so much~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

holiday-full with assignment~

huhu!today is holiday..so din't have any classes~
when holiday everyone must feel happy..but me~
still a lot of assignment waiting for me to done them~

most of my friend already went out just left me stay inside hostel and did my assignment almost whole day..
i've no much time to waste..coz i scared i cnt done it all on time~
n damn~holidays all shop close~accept lunch-my friend fetch me ate lunch at cyberia~
the other:maggie,bread,mushroom soup~T.T
ok..let talks less...


those r my assignment~
animals mind mao~do it half lst night~tired
done look~~hehe(okie..statiesfied)

who puppy is this???!!


not so similiar~i knw~have to improve
my favourite animals~mind map
still have lots of empty place~i have no idea to fill it up..T.T

life drawing class~
-In your A4 sketch book
-10 pages of contour drawing
- draw your own hand with different movement
- 1 page have 3 drawing of your hand (more better)
- Artline pen 0.3/0.4
- submission in class
- this will contribute marks for your finals

freakin hapi..i'm done them on time~huhu~
is time for bed~~~~

Thursday, August 11, 2011

oh yeah!!!

i'm very happy that i have done my assignment...
okie i knw that is nothing special~but for a student who din't tried any art project be4 n she done the art work herself..yes i'm statisfied with this..


life drawing class 2day~
contour n gesture drawing...
our lecturer want us to draw our own shoe used contour drawing with artline pen 0.4...

it's horrible..i did wrong...this suppose be gesture drawing i think~

2cd time..
this better thn the 1st~but i hav no enought time to draw it...
contour drawing-slow,details,shape,continuos line~
oh~it's nt easy >.< i should improve it...
sir nizam: pratice n pratice n pratice thn u can be better~

gesture drawing

gesture drawing-fast,memorable,eyes on object hand moving...
this diff thn contour drawing~
n our lecturer order us 50seconds to 3 seconds to draw a chair used gesture drawing...
every1 like~~~what???!!! @0@!!!
thn be like this~==' baby drawing...its so horrible~
 pretty malay girl-Zetty Farhana

38 poh-low tan foong (victoria)

n me~~~~

last,assignment for 2day~

should be improved...but i'm statisfied with it~

that it's for 2day~
is late~~gotta slp~~