Monday, October 24, 2011

analytical colour drawing

analytical class assignment..
these i was used 1day half to done it..
it a little bit hard for me..
because the colour was make me cofused..
not very statisfy with it..
have to improved...
the reference picture
 my colour drawing

how did u think???

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chee meng assignment DONE!!

remember that...
last time..did this was wasted our whole week time..
everyday slept at 4a.m to rush this project..
thank you god..i pass it up on time...teehee^^
1st lesson
organic and geometric shape

 value of contrast
 colour theory
 flat shape n primary colour
 perspective shape n secondary colour
 swallow shape
 ambigious shape file and cd~~
my lecturer said thank you for me when i sign it up...
cute rite??haha

the most happier things in the world is...
sitting there n watching the others people busy their stuff which haven done^^