Monday, February 14, 2011


2wake up in the morning..get ready to back "lao chu" for pray my grandmother~
yes..she already left us 3 years ago..
finish praied 3year~
everybody come back for this big traditional ceremony~
what i feel?? sleepyZzzzzzzzzz -.-z
but of coz i done my job~

back camp 2morow...
bye everything in my house...
get ready to back camp..i miss my fren..
1month left i stay at there..wit my ns fren..
start miss them..becoz they live too far diff to c each other again~

Friday, February 11, 2011

^^back gain~

 tee hee..come back home again~!!!huray!
 let this cute puppy give a big smile for a wonderful day^^

nice nice...miss my swt home so much!!!!i cnt rest few days again~
2day ate "tuan yuan fan" at 喜来登酒家 Xi Lai Deng Restaurant with my family~^^
the food very yummy~~aspecially "yu qi"..yum yum~~
detail>>>> click here 
nxt time~~~

i dun like watch fight movie..
this movie hav little bit cruel..
but its touch~T.T~i cried whn i watch this..
really nice~

 this nice also...
gong li very beauty~~~~~@.@

that all for 2day~~hehe...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year~

happy bunny year!!!
hehe..this year april i gonna be 18~!!
i want to learn car after ns!!!yeeps~
bac from ns 3days ago~~
yup~home is the most comfortable place..
i miss my bed..
i miss my kakak..coz she hlp me wash clothes..hehe
no nid to wash my won plate...
no nid wake up early~~
nice food can ear especially pork!
but i miss my ns fren^^
new year~sienz la wei~~~nothing can do mie..
no sim card...find my frenzT.Tso cnt act them...sorry my dear frenz..
wait me back from camp nxt time k..hehe
mmm..wat i do in my cny?
ang pao of coz got..
poker..sekejap lar~
but my family hav work most of my time at shop..slpZzzzz
wish everyone have a great new year..
be healthy all year long
good luck!!